Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bike Thru Burger

I have seen many things in this world, strange, unique and beautiful. But I have never seen a drive through window for a bike. That's right, the local burger chain here in Portland makes sure to accommodate bicycle riders. I'm not sure how much time one really saves with waiting behind a hulking S.U.V. and breathing the exhaust vs. locking up the bike and going inside, but its nice to know you have an option.

Instead of ordering at the speaker in front of the huge outdoor menu, a little sign instructs those on bikes to wheel over to the window and order direct. I like not having to deal with the awful microphone and speaker. I suppose this works well for someone who is into fitness and likes to ride a really nice bike around town and is too paranoid about locking it up--yet also likes shakes, fries and burgers.

After discovering the sweet potato fries are no longer in season (Burgerville prides its self on serving local, seasonal foods) I had to go with the Washington taters . . .and a hazelnut shake. Its tough to ride with a drink safely so fortunately I came up with a solution thanks to the generous straw length and large pockets.


  1. I've currently been on a hunt for a new bike to ride from NYC to DC on and came across The Globe Bikes, which brought me to your blog.

    Thanks for the wicked cool, drive-through and cup holder idea. I'll be sure to find a jacket with big chest pockets. Not going to lie... I'm kind of excited to try it out.