Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Saddle up REDUX

A few months back I posted a blog on the cool little equine street art here in Portland. I am pleased to report that the plastic toy horses tied to the old horse hitch rings are still going strong.

Just the other day I was riding up my street and came across these beauties. Someone had the foresight to equip the horses with proper winter gear. A little piece of scrap wool and an old leather shoelace did the trick.

It was cool enough for me to stop in my tracks, pull over and take some snapshots. And that is the beauty of the bike trip to the store. Just before I was to start gaining momentum up the hill, my peripheral caught these two mares. It was second nature to hit the brakes and pull on the sidewalk. In a car, you would just fly on by. Bikes are so wonderful in the flexibility of time, pace and options.

The next trip to the goodwill store will most likely have a horse themed mission involved. I do enjoy a fun, cheap project in which to be creative. If anything, its an excuse to ride around in new neighborhoods and look around for a good hitching spot.

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