Sunday, January 10, 2010

Post Cocktail Dinner

One of the perks of biking after a few rounds of cocktails is having to ride past the food carts on the way home. Sure crab cakes with a chipoltle lemon aioli dipping sauce sound divine, but you need to have direct access to God's credit line to afford them. When your cocktails approach movie ticket prices (worth it I might add) your food budget tends to get spread thin.

Here is where the beauty of the food carts come into play. For less than $8.00 you can eat like a king. The hardest part is making a decision: wood fired pizza (Pyro Pizza), Crepes, Belgium fries (Potato Champion) . . .it goes on and on

Pyro Pizza literally has a wood-fired oven built into the trailer! They even have a huge pile of firewood and an axe to keep the heat going. Thin crust pizza done right, served hot and fresh ingredients. Not too much of anything. That's the key to a good slice.

Potato Champion is aptly named. It specializes in fries and fries only. Multiple dipping sauces for perfectly cut and cooked fries. The French/Canadian specialty is the Mt. Everest of fry dishes, the "Poutine." Take an outstanding French fry, add cheddar cheese curds and add gravy. Probably should invent a TUMMS dipping sauce to go along. Check out the video of an eating contest concerning the aforementioned Poutine with two ladies, a guy and a dog.

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