Sunday, January 17, 2010

Warm and / or Dry

Every once in a while an idea comes along that is so brilliant and useful that everyone stops and pays attention. . .and then there is the Snuggie. Just when you think we have our pop culture pegged, along comes this wild card. Who would ever have imagined that a fleece blanket with sleeves would be a super-seller! The Snuggie has to be the number one joke gift of the year. The mighty Chia pet has finally been de-throned. They have sold 4 million "blankets" in just 3 months! I hope this sales trend means that more Americans are developing a sense of humor about it, as this hilarious video shows.

Now the invention that is way more useful and just as ridiculous-looking is the bike poncho. Sometimes you just have to bike a short distance--like to the corner store or grab a cup of coffee down the street or meet a friend for breakfast. Messing with rain pants is a pain in the arse and sometimes the distance does not warrant it. Yet, if it begins to really start coming down, even with a rain jacket, your thighs get all soaked. Well hellooooo bike poncho. No more wet jeans and cold hands!

So long as you don't have to jump off suddenly to avoid a collision with a logging truck or don't mind catching your poncho on a car's side mirror, its perfect! I have even seen versions that snap off the handlebars if pulled too vigorously. If some genius can re-invent the blanket and make $40 million in 3 months, why not the bike poncho?

My favorite item has to be the steering wheel mounted laptop stand. Amazon sells them and the feedback is astounding. There are 453 customer reviews for this item. The reading is hilarious and re-instills my faith in people's sense of humor. Check out some of comic gems here.

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